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This page features a sampling of our work from start to finish. If you are interested in following up with us on your own project, single residential projects start with a consultation. For larger projects, please send us an email.

Boulevard Garden Project

grass lawn in boulevard
Large boulevard garden before project
recently planted boulevard garden
Several weeks after planting
flowering boulevard garden
One year later

About This Project

The client wanted to convert the lawn boulevards of their corner lot to pollinator plantings, providing an opportunity to visually showcase the gardens. They wanted a boulevard landscape attractive to pollinators with a neat, organized appearance.  We created a design with natives, cultivars of natives, and other perennials with excellent pollinator value. We call this a ‘blended’ landscape. Our team also used the client’s existing pavers, matching it to their front walk, to create a walkway across one of the boulevards. Two areas of the boulevards were lowered specifically to capture and infiltrate runoff from the residence and sidewalk.

Design Elements

boulevard garden
Design of the large boulevard garden

plant list

More Boulevard Project Photos

  • Nearby boulevard walkway repurposed client's existing pavers
  • Boulevard walkway after one year
  • Corner garden planted
  • Corner garden after one year
  • Planting the large boulevard garden
  • Large boulevard garden one year later
  • Large boulevard garden one year later
  • Large boulevard garden one year later

backyard Landscape with Purpose

view of house with patio from backyard
Before installation
Crew members creating new backyard landscape
Completing the installation
backyard stone path with beautiful flowering landscape
After one year

About This Project

This client was very interested in adding native plantings that offer a variety of texture and color throughout the growing season. They wanted to organize the landscape and to give it purpose. This includes native plants to attract pollinators and habitat for birds with fruit-bearing ground cover such as wild strawberry as well as trees and shrubs. For functionality, we added a path to the back gate and a raingarden on the inside of the path that infiltrates roof runoff from the adjacent garage. We also regraded the area to ensure that the garage stayed dry.

Our client sent us this message: “I’m still geeking out that on the hottest day of the year last year to plant, the majority of plants all survived and are thriving.  And when I see the oasis of green clover there, and around me the dry grass lawns of neighbors, I’m thankful for what you all helped to create here!”

Design Elements

site plan of backyard landscaping project
Site plan
Concept design drawing landscape project
Concept design

More Backyard Project Photos

  • Backyard before project starts
  • Getting ready for installation
  • Progress during installation
  • One year later
  • Native plants lining both sides of path
  • Wild strawberry for birds and other wildlife
  • Blanket flower adds color
  • Pollinator-friendly rattlesnake master

Community-Driven Design

Bare dirt in lot with sidewalk and workers preparing the lot to become a park
Installing the design
blooming garden in park in the fall with sidewalk
Autumn at the park
Beautiful blooming flowers
Flowers blooming in autumn

About This Project

Design+Build worked with our Metro Blooms colleagues and the community at Beam Apartments in North Minneapolis to design and install a mini-park. This is a community-driven design, centering resident priorities. We met residents at community events, asking for their input and incorporating these elements in the plan. The resulting park included fruit trees, places for kids to play, benches, lighting, and bike racks, among other things. One priority was lots of flowers, including a spot for sunflowers to grow. The site had previously been a staging area for the newly constructed apartments, and soil compaction was a big challenge, especially during a hot, dry summer. Our team worked to loosen the soil and add organic matter. We also added mulch to help hold moisture in the soil as the plants grow. We had help from residents, who planted the garden during two paid community planting events. Learn a little bit more about this collaboration with the Beam community here.

Design Elements

Landscape design for a mini park
Mini-park design
Two people looking at a landscape design together
Discussing design elements for the future mini-park

More Mini-Park Project Photos

  • Installing "cookie tree" play elements
  • A place where children can play
  • Native plantings
  • The park features sunflowers
  • Pollinator-friendly native plants
  • Bike racks at the park

Single residential Design+Build projects start with an onsite consultation.

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