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How We Work

Metro Blooms Design+Build provides high quality, resilient, and sustainable design, installation, and landcare services for residential and commercial landscapes. We plant, teach, and learn about rain gardens, native plants, and clean water strategies. We believe in outdoor spaces that support people, pollinators, and clean water. We value design, and enjoy bringing gardens to life that uplift both the aesthetic vision and sustainability goals of our clients. All Metro Blooms Design+Build landscape designers have backgrounds in landscape architecture. We collaborate closely with each client to make sure the project meets their needs and desired results.

How is Metro Blooms Design+Build related to Metro Blooms?

Metro Blooms Design+Build is a for-profit company owned by the nonprofit Metro Blooms. We offer financial support and core programmatic services to meet the shared mission, vision and values of Metro Blooms. A portion of our profit goes towards the Metro Blooms nonprofit, to support our community-based programming. If you’d like to further support Metro Blooms’ work, you can make a donation at https://metroblooms.org/donate/.

Our Services


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  • Our work starts with an in-person or virtual consultation.
  • Meet with a landscape designer to discuss your site and project possibilities.
  • After a consultation, use our guidance for your own DIY project, or follow up with design and installation services. 


Schedule a consultation


“I try to empower people to understand more about the seasonal nature of their landscapes, and to be thoughtful about what change they are interested in making in their yard and how they will interact with it. With our focus on rain gardens and pollinator habitat, I love helping people solve a problem while creating a more ecologically beneficial and resilient landscape.”  

—Jennifer Ehlert, Vice President and Co-Director of Design




  • Landscape designs show planting layout and other goals you’d want to achieve with your project.
  • We can incorporate hardscapes such as stepping stones, patios and walls in your project design.
  • Our designers work collaboratively with you from concept design to your final vision.


Design Services


“I enjoy listening to what folks want to learn, figuring out their goals and coming up with solutions that may not have been considered before. We have altered our landscapes so much, there is opportunity to restore hydrology and ecological function every place I look. All life needs access to clean air and water! It’s exciting to bring more and more life to our landscapes than one could ever imagine.”

—Rich Harrison, Co-Director of Design




  • Once you’ve received a landscape design from us,  hire our Design+Build installation team to make your project a reality!
  • Our detail-oriented team communicates with you each step of the way, and we commit to providing you with high-quality plants and hardscaping products. Check out our Installation page for examples of our work.


Installation services


“Sustainable landscaping is important to me because it offers a small, tangible step to address climate change. Swapping turf for resilient plantings, capturing rainwater, planting trees, supporting our native pollinators—these are all small steps, but ones that add up to make a difference. Once a client walked up to a rain garden my crew had just installed and said ‘You changed the world.’ I think about that almost every day I come to work.”

—Meg Weed, Installation Crew Lead


Two people doing maintenance work



  • Our landcare team manages native plantings using sustainable landscape management practices.
  • We also maintain, inspect and report on a variety of stormwater best management practices.
  • Our maintenance services are ideal for governmental, commercial, institutional and multi-family properties.


Maintenance + Inspection services


“When managing green infrastructure in public places, I am able to see how it functions in relation to stormwater, as well as the beauty it can bring to otherwise heavily-concreted spaces. I love to see what’s growing and the insects that visit once the summer is in full swing! It feels like I am actively participating in my community by working on projects that benefit us as a whole, especially in response to climate change.”

—Ab Fleming, Sustainable Landcare Manager