General Consultations

Do you want to make changes in your yard? We can help you get started. We offer one-hour consultations, either in person (onsite) or online through Zoom. One of our designers will tour your property with you, answering questions and brainstorming ideas. A virtual consultation uses mapping technology, photos that you share and online drawing tools help us to envision the changes you’d like.

Our staff is highly experienced in sustainable practices that will help make your yard more resilient. Among other things, our landscape designers are experts in native plants, turf alternatives, pollinator habitat and clean-water projects including raingardens, permeable pavement and runoff conveyance. And we can focus on something more specific in your yard, such as creating a bee lawn or putting in a pollinator patch. When you schedule your consultation, let us know in the notes if you’re interested in these options.

Maintenance Consultations

We offer onsite consultations to teach you how to maintain your resilient yard. These are strictly educational. They are a great fit if you need guidance on caring for a small raingarden or other plantings and are interested in more sustainable approaches using fewer chemical inputs. [NOTE: We offer maintenance services for institutional and commercial properties, and in some cases residential landscapes. Metro Blooms also offers maintenance training for people who care for larger properties. Learn more on our Landcare & Maintenance page.]

What happens after a consultation?

A consultation is a first step. If you’re interested we can follow up with a garden design, comprehensive landscape plan, or stormwater plan. It’s up to you. Let us help you make your yard become more beautiful, functional and sustainable!

Note about our current timeline as of July 20, 2022: After a consult, we’d be happy to give you a proposal for a design for you landscape, if needed. At this point in the summer, your design will likely be completed over the fall and winter of 2022/2023, and we could install it in the spring of 2023. Thanks for your interest!

Walk through this Metro Blooms Design+Build project, with the designer, that started with a consult!