Landcare & Maintenance

Metro Blooms Design+ Build staff have expertise in sustainable landscapes and habitat restoration with an emphasis on stormwater management, native vegetation and invasive vegetation management. We provide services to keep up these resilient landscapes, and to educate those working in this field about best practices in sustainable landscape maintenance. These maintenance services area ideal for properties with larger raingardens such as cities as well as commercial, institutional and multi-family properties — for example, schools, rental complexes, businesses and churches.

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Single residential property: If you are interested in learning how to maintain your own residential raingarden or planting, you can do so by signing up for a maintenance consultation. You can find more information on our Consultations page.

Our landcare & maintenance services

Metro Blooms maintains, inspects and provides reporting for raingardens, bioswales, stormwater planters, permeable pavers, and underground infiltration chambers. We work closely with local municipalities and watershed districts to make sure that our work meets their requirements. Our crews use sustainable landscape management practices and prioritize seasonal non-chemical methods. These include an understanding of the spread and propagation of invasives to employ best practice (most effective and timely) management strategies, including hand-pulling, digging, torching, smothering, solarizing, mowing, and spraying weeds with organic herbicides. Our crews use only battery-operated landscape equipment.

Our services include: spring clean-up, pruning, deadheading, weed removal and management, maintenance of pre-treatment structures, raingardens, vegetated swales, permeable pavement, debris removal, underdrain assessment and inspection, documentation and reporting on Stormwater BMP function.

Metro Blooms emphasizes education and training for our crews. They participate in our sustainable landcare training program.

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