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Two landcare crew members sitting on back of truck surrounded by equipment

Metro Blooms Design+Build has expertise in sustainable landscapes with an emphasis on stormwater management, native vegetation and invasive vegetation management. Our maintenance services are ideal for properties with larger rain gardens and stormwater best management practices. These include governmental, commercial, institutional and multi-family properties — for example, cities, schools, rental complexes, businesses and churches.

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What We Do

Vegetation Management


Person kneeling on 1 knee, weeding
Hand pulling weeds

We provide comprehensive vegetation management of native plantings. Our staff is highly trained in native and invasive species identification. We emphasize sustainable landscape management practices and prioritize seasonal non-chemical methods.

  • Our management strategies include hand-pulling, digging, torching, smothering, mowing, and spraying weeds with organic herbicides. Our crews use only battery-operated landscape equipment.
  • Our services includes spring clean-up, pruning, deadheading and weed removal and management, among other things.


Inspections and Reporting


Inspecting an underground storm drain
Inspecting an underground storm drain

We maintain, inspect and report on rain gardens, bioswales, permeable pavers, underground infiltration chambers, pre-treatment structures and other best management practices. We work closely with municipalities, watershed districts, commercial properties and others.

  • We ensure optimal function of stormwater practices.
  • We create and implement operations and maintenance plans.
  • We report on stormwater practices (including Chapter 54 compliance reporting).
  • We assist in stormwater credit applications.


Single residential property: We don’t maintain single-family, residential properties — but if you are interested in learning how to maintain your own residential rain garden or yard, you can sign up for a maintenance consultation. You can find more information on our Consultations page.

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Photos from our work

  • Municipal rain garden
  • Cleaning an inlet to a rain garden
  • Replanting a rain garden
  • Underground inspection
  • Cleaning a channel drain that captures runoff
  • Inspecting a storm drain
  • Maintaining native plants on school property
  • Removing thistle
  • Small business property after maintenance