Community-Driven Design

Bare dirt in lot with sidewalk and workers preparing the lot to become a park
Installing the design
blooming garden in park in the fall with sidewalk
Autumn at the park
Beautiful blooming flowers
Flowers blooming in autumn

About This Project

Design+Build worked with our Metro Blooms colleagues and the community at Beam Apartments in North Minneapolis to design and install a mini-park. This is a community-driven design, centering resident priorities. We met residents at community events, asking for their input and incorporating these elements in the plan. The resulting park included fruit trees, places for kids to play, benches, lighting, and bike racks, among other things. One priority was lots of flowers, including a spot for sunflowers to grow. The site had previously been a staging area for the newly constructed apartments, and soil compaction was a big challenge, especially during a hot, dry summer. Our team worked to loosen the soil and add organic matter. We also added mulch to help hold moisture in the soil as the plants grow. We had help from residents, who planted the garden during two paid community planting events. Learn a little bit more about this collaboration with the Beam community here.

Design Elements

Landscape design for a mini park
Mini-park design
Two people looking at a landscape design together
Discussing design elements for the future mini-park

More Mini-Park Project Photos

  • Person installing tree stumps in green space to function as play elemnts
  • Tree stumps laid out as play elements in garden
  • Native plantings
  • Sunflower planted in ground
  • purple and pink flowers in a garden in front of a new fence
  • bike racks in park