Backyard Landscape with a Purpose

view of house with patio from backyard
Before installation
Crew members creating new backyard landscape
Completing the installation
backyard stone path with beautiful flowering landscape
After one year

About This Project

This client was very interested in adding native plantings that offer a variety of texture and color throughout the growing season. They wanted to organize the landscape and to give it purpose. This includes native plants to attract pollinators and habitat for birds with fruit-bearing ground cover such as wild strawberry as well as trees and shrubs. For functionality, we added a path to the back gate and a raingarden on the inside of the path that infiltrates roof runoff from the adjacent garage. We also regraded the area to ensure that the garage stayed dry.

Our client sent us this message: “I’m still geeking out that on the hottest day of the year last year to plant, the majority of plants all survived and are thriving.  And when I see the oasis of green clover there, and around me the dry grass lawns of neighbors, I’m thankful for what you all helped to create here!”

Design Elements

site plan of backyard landscaping project
Site plan
Concept design drawing landscape project
Concept design

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  • Backyard with bare earth ready for installation
  • Crew members creating new backyard landscape
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